Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Closing down

Just a note that I'll be closing this blog down sometime by the end of the week. I thought it would make sense to separate this one out from my main one by content, but I've decided to split up my writing by how data-rich it is, and then by who it would appeal to. I thought I'd have more time to start up a second blog just about diet and health, but I don't.

All future posts of mine with original looks at a good chunk of data will go up at my for-purchase blog, Patterns in science and culture. Read the details about the data-based site here.

The more casual and observational posts, including reviews of any kind, will go up either at my personal blog or at Gene Expression.

At any rate, the diet / health / nutrition stuff will not have its own blog, but will be worked into either of the above formats, depending on how data-rich it is. I'll probably migrate all the existing posts here to my personal blog, so you'll still be able to pore over those graphs of the changing American diet -- or link to them when some numbnuts on the internet starts whining about how little fruit and veggies we eat now, and how much red meat and eggs we're stuffing ourselves with.

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  1. Oh no! This was my favorite new blog of 2009. I read your other stuff as well but I really appreiated the focus here... I hope you keep up on it. I also had a couple of my friends who may not be interested in some other posts subscribe. Guess I'll have to start sharing relevant post instead.

    Thanks - I'll miss it!


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